File Magazine Vol.5 No.2 1981
AA Bronson, Felix Partz, Jorge Zontal

Edition : First / Toronto / General Idea / 1981 / Softcover. / VG+
Folio. Unpaginated (50pp). Numerous Black & White plates throughout. Text in English. Spine rubbed.

“An alternative to the Alternative Press". General Idea's File gained a reputation far beyond its Toronto underground roots. It was subversive to the core, pilfering freely from mainstream media and culture, while maintaining close attention to design issues and the use of experimental layouts. File '..anticipated many queercore and punk zines of the later 70s and 80s'as well as more recent mass-media interventions, such as the widely distributed, anti-globalist Vancouver-based publication Adbusters.' - Peter Gallo. General Idea intended for FILE to take on the role of 'parasitic art object,' in keeping with William S. Burrough's concept of image-as-virus. To this end, FILE took LIFE Magazine as its host organism, co-opting the magazine's physical format and its instantly recognizable trademark white lettering against a red rectangle. In choosing to emulate LIFE, the creators of FILE hoped to attract a more general viewership, comprised in part, by LIFE readers who would see the 'magazine slipped into newsstands and pick it up based solely on the familiarity of its format. The initial concept for FILE was to tie together a network of Canadian artists. This strictly regional focus broadened over the years as General Idea's founders moved increasingly among the New York downtown circles of the 70s and 80s. Marcia Resnick, wino flashers, meat, Susan Hillier, Luciano Bartolini.