Juergen Teller

Edition : First / New York / Lehmann Maupin / 2001 / Hardcover / Fine / Fine
4to. 64pp. Cream cloth in card slipcase. 76 colour plates with 2 gatefolds. First and only edition of 500 signed and numbered copies.

Wonderful book in perfect condition. From Lehmann Maupin: "The only photographer ever given exclusive access to all the contestants of a Miss World' event, Teller spent eight hours in one evening taking brutally intimate head shots of all 88 contestants. Shot away from the stage and removed from the spotlights, the contestants--with caked on makeup, unwavering smiles, and bright eyes--start to appear interchangeable, like a carnival of culturally diverse Barbie dolls requiring lapel pins to indicate country of origin. Tracht is German for "costume," as in folkloric dress. Tracht is Teller's take on the dressing, the commodification beauty takes when pushed, much like the rest of fashion, to the extreme. The end effect of the ruthlessly efficient globalization of image manufacturing makes appearance artificial and style generic; what is left, then, but to extract its mesmerizing effect in the form of a sumptuously attractive artist's book, where one can truly revel in the mysteries of a world where Miss Israel looks more Californian than Miss USA, who in turn looks more Mittel European than Miss Estonia, who looks more Gaelic than Miss Ireland, who looks more Moorish than'.Yet throughout, one cannot avoid noticing a certain'sameness to these visages. Tracht deftly captures the costume of institutional modern beauty, and it is a thing to behold. Smartly sequenced by the acclaimed British design team Miles Murray Sorrell (FUEL), Tracht will leave you awash in beauty-world hyperbole. A perfect 10." Cited by Parr and Badger in the Photobook vol.2.